OpenAI Used Kenyan Workers on Less Than $2 Per Hour to Make ChatGPT Less Toxic

Yet another sad story shows that futuristic AI-based products are backed by sweat & pain of low-waged human workers.


Google's experiment generates music in various genres by text description. However, it's not publicly available, as they're cautious of plagiarism. Although Meta has opened their MusicGen tool.

Stable Attribution

A fantastic initiative — it shows source images in the training data of models like Stable Diffusion that led to an image you've just generated.

Notion AI

Notion helps to generate a blog post, newsletter, or another popular type of text. It's embedded in an already popular tool, which is more convenient.

Galileo AI

It generates user interface screens via text prompt. You can edit these mockups in Figma, as well as generate additional illustrations and copy.

NVIDIA Broadcast: Eye Contact

This video streaming tool can imitate human eye contact live.


This tool changes style of the whole video. You can describe new style via text prompt.

Intercom Fin

Intercom built their customer support bot on top of ChatGPT (how it works).

Microsoft 365 Copilot

Microsoft 365 apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook & Teams can generate and analyze documents. It's a great productivity boost. Google Docs goes a similar path. Microsoft pushes this concept to other major and minor products, starting from Windows itself.

Salesforce Einstein GPT

Salesforce integrated GPT by OpenAI into their CRM. It helps their sales, service, marketing, commerce, and data products to generate, personalize, and analyze content & data.